The New Zealand Glacial Clay brand has been designed for international markets. What makes us unique is having a natural ingredient called Nontronite which is not found in any other part of the world.

Our Nontronite clay is internationally unique green healing clay and there is no commercially prepared mineral that is comparable. This is a premium cosmetic product ingredient. Five of the minerals unique selling points are:

  • 100% natural product
  • Mineralogy
  • Purity
  • Very high CEC
  • pH neutral

Our clay resource is the only commercially available Nontronite in the world. As far as we have been able to research it is the only identifiable freshwater glacial clay so it's mineralogy, neutral pH properties and characteristics are very unique and rare.

The clay is a 100% natural product and free from chemical processing. From being extracted from the ground to the finished dried powder form, it is processed by drying and milled down to 45 microns. Due to the size of the resource the clay purity sits at 91% which is exceptionally high, so its consistency is well proven.

We offer exciting and marketable retail products to distributors and raw bulk clay ingredients for cosmetic manufacturers worldwide. Our clay resource is secure, enabling the continuing development of new products in response to customer needs for any market.

The company is actively seeking more distributors to take its products to Asia, Europe and the USA. NZGC are seeking partnering opportunities with large cosmetic companies in geographical areas so:

  • We prove the concept together, develop and trial new products and launch them to market
  • They can go out and develop their own brand championing our New Zealand Glacial Clay
Retail clay masque & powder

Retail ready products available to distributors or wholesalers internationally as dry powder in a versatile 200gm retail jar, or as a hydrated complete clay masque in a 100gm jar.

Private label manufacturing in New Zealand that champions NZ Glacial Clay as an ingredient is also available.


Available in a handy 5kg bucket or 25kg bags this offering provides distributors with an offering that suits sales into the spa and wellness sector, boutique manufacturers and regional online sales into the DIY market.


NZ Glacial Clay is used internationally as an ingredient in many cosmetic and personal care products and is available in 25kg bags.

New Zealand Glacial Clay is growing day by day, if you would like to get involved please get in touch below.

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